Trauma affects every level of functioning of one’s being – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social. The effect of trauma is beyond the conscious mind and beyond control. Trauma affects the nervous system and transforms the brain into primitive functioning for survival. Trauma can overwhelm our ability to cope and the resulting symptoms can be debilitating. The impact of trauma is long-standing and can seep into every aspect life. The long-term effects can be extremely detrimental.

Trauma may be experienced throughout the reproductive journey. Women impacted by such trauma need support and care. Currently there is limited awareness of reproductive and birth trauma.

Mama Trauma can show up in a variety of ways.

In Conception

Unsuccessful efforts to conceive may be filled with stress and grief. Many women have to go through multiple losses and rounds of medical and alternative procedures before achieving a pregnancy.

In Pregnancy

Society doesn’t acknowledge how traumatic pregnancy loss can be for a woman. There is now more recognition that attachment exists between parent and child long before the infant’s birth. Losing a pregnancy at any stage can be devastating for a woman and her partner. “Complicated” Pregnancies can also be traumatic.

In Birth

The experience of birth can cause physical and emotional trauma not uncommonly in connection to hospital birth, medicated birth, assisted birth, cesarean birth, “complicated” birth, prior-trauma resurfacing through birth, concurrent stressors and traumatic experiences around the time of birth, and more.

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